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Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Two down, one to go.
While the Golden Eagle was always the primary objective of targeting the Isle of Mull, at least part of the motivation to include Mull during our first week in the United Kingdom was the close proximity of the even small island of Iona with its medieval monastery, the home of St Columba [surely the patron saint of pigeons, especially of the original Rock Dove Columba livia  The unexpected presence of the almost equally ancient nunnery was aflan added bonus.
The sudden appearance of the Twite Caduelis flavirostis was another unexpected Lifer.  Along with the Go5.05.2014]lden Eagle and Hen Harrier Circus cyaneus [both "ticked" with Richard Atkinson on 05.05.2014] the more humble Twite was also on the trip's Wish List, albeit scribbled somewhere less prominent.  To find it while scanning a bed of flag irises in an attempt to locate the source of the Corn Crake Crx crex call [a potential Lifer for both Les and Sandy; originally recorded by Fay and I back in the 1990s during our trip to Ireland] was an unlooked for turn.  It took some time and studied perusal of the Collins BIRD GUIDE and the RSPB's BRITISH BIRDS app before we duly added the Twite.
Sadly, Sandy dipped on the Corn Crake as only Les and Fay actually caught fleeting glimpses of this most elusive of birds.
On retuning to Mull we had our second, far better,  sighting of Golden Eagle and added Peregrine Falcon Falco peregrinus to he Trip List.
The drizzle re-appeared to bring effective birding to an end.


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