Sunday, 1 June 2014

Farewell to Sffordshire

Time is running out.  I had intended writing quite a comprehensive blog reflecting on our stay both in Scotland [soon to become an independent country?] and Staffordshire.  Matters have not panned out as well as hoped; I struggled to keep up while in Scotland and Staffordshire and I remain behind the eight-ball now at the tail end of the entire trip.

Kith and kin intervened on more occasions that we has suspected, all the more so during the last week of the Staffordshire stay, the second leg of the "Triple Ess" [Scotland, Staffordshire and Singapore] trip.

With family and friends in the background, Staffordshire was never going to be too fruitful in birding terms and could be viewed by the number of species not actually seen rather than the ones ticked off.  That would be negative; blood is thicker than a bird in the bins.

Scotland had provided more birding and the cementing of a developing friendship.  Keith and Jenny had been forced to pull out of the Isle of Mull trip but we caught up with them later at their Shropshire [the fourth ess] home.  Les and Sandy had stepped into the void and, at least on our part, Fay and I enjoyed their company tremendously.  I like to think that we had introduced them to birding with that Tawny Frogmouth behind the Redcliffe Golf Club; they have since become their own birders with a comprehensive knowledge of British birds. There is no doubt that without them our final tally would have been a mere shadow of what it currently stands at.

Rain during the final days didn't help but then for those with experience of the Melbourne climate, a few showers throughout the day is nothing worthy of note.

Farewell Scotland, farewell Stafforshire.  I doubt we'll be seeing each other again.

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